How Is the Money I Give On My Taxes to A Political Party Used?

GOP Tax Time Funding Request

In Boyle County

We have done an amazing job of growing the party over the last couple years. Cheers to each and every one of our conservative folks in Boyle County! There is a way that all these extra new Republicans can help us to continue our good work here… by checking the box on your State Tax Return. Last year, approximately 250 people did so, this year, since we added hundreds more to our Republican rolls… we hope to have at least double that number.

So, if you haven’t already done so, please be sure to “check” the Republican box on your return.

Here’s how it works:

Giving To a Political Party On Your State Return

If you check the YES box on your Kentucky State Income Tax Return, that money will be used to support your party of choice locally. $1.50 will go to the state political party and fifty cents will go to the county political party where you reside.

  • Spouses can designate $2 each on joint returns.
  • Checking this box does not increase your tax owed.
  • Checking this box does not reduce the amount of your refund.

For more information on this, see the instructions for your State Tax Return.

Giving To a Political Party On Your Federal Return

If you check the YES box on your federal tax return in response to the question, “Do you want $3 of your federal tax to go to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund?” – that money will go to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund. Every four years (the election cycle for President), the federal government distributes money from this fund to National Party Committees and to qualified Presidential candidates for use in the Presidential Elections.

Checking “yes” does not reduce the amount you get on a refund and it does not increase your tax burden — it is a way to designate how your tax dollars will be used.

  • Presidential Nominees from the Republican and Democrat parties receive a fixed amount of the money marked for this fund and Nominees from other political parties can receive smaller amounts from this fund if they are able to secure 5% or more of the vote.
  • Primary Candidates – Presidential primary candidates can get matching dollars from this fund for monies they raise.
  • The Party National Conventions receive funds to cover the cost of their conventions to select their Presidential candidates.

For more information on how these federal “checkbox” funds are used, visit the Federal Elections Commission site.

Gov. Matt Bevin Coming to Danville To Support 54th District Special Election Candidate Daniel Elliot


Governor Matt Bevin with Boyle County Republican Chair, Tom Tye

On Monday, February 8th, Governor Matt Bevin will be coming to Danville, KY to lend his support to our 54th District Republican Candidate for State Representative, Daniel Elliott. The Governor will be attending a fundraiser for Elliott in the evening.

While in town, the Governor is tentatively scheduled to visit local sites including Dana Corporation and the Bluegrass Community & Technical College (BCTC) and to meet with local officials.

The Boyle County Republican Party is honored by the support of the Governor during this important special election and looks forward to his visit.

Elliott is running for the 54th District Kentucky House of Representatives seat vacated by Mike Harmon, when he became our Republican State Auditor. The event, to be held at the home of Tim Montgomery from 6-7:30 p.m., is open to the public. Tickets to this fundraiser may be purchased by calling Marissa at 270-321-2882 or emailing her at

A Total of Eleven Candidates File for Kentucky Caucus

Republican Candidates in Kentucky Republican CaucusYesterday was the deadline for Republican Candidates for President to File for participation in the Kentucky Republican Caucus. Eleven individuals have filed for the March 5th, 2016 Kentucky Republican Caucus.

The eleven who have filed are: Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum and Donald Trump. Learn where your county will be voting in the March 5th caucus by visiting this interactive Kentucky Republican Caucus voting locations map.

In a press release (click link to download) this morning, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Kentucky,  Mac Brown, said, “Kentucky Republicans have an unprecedented opportunity to influence the selection of our presidential nominee.  The early March 5 caucus date will give Kentuckians a voice before most other states, during a time when Republican candidates are actively competing for support from voters.  We are excited that 11 candidates will participate and we welcome their attention.”

Best wishes to all our fine Republican Candidates.

We Have Our Candidate!

Daniel Elliott, Vice Chair Boyle County Republican Party

Daniel Elliott, Republican Candidate for 54th District House Seat

The Boyle and Casey County Republican Executive Committees met this evening at the Junction City Community Center to elect a candidate for the seat vacated by Mike Harmon.

Mike Biagi, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Kentucky conducted the meeting and counted the votes cast by voting members of the Committees.

The following candidates were nominated:  Daniel Elliott, Tom Ellis, Steve Evans and James Monroe.

Each nominated candidate was given 3 minutes to speak to the group and 5 minutes for a question and answer session.  After that process votes were cast.

Votes were counted by Mike Biagi and each candidate was given the opportunity to have an observer be present for the counting process.

Only one round of votes was necessary to select Daniel Elliott as our candidate.

Please join us to support Daniel during this Special Election process to help our party maintain this very important House seat.  We are all going to have to work together by volunteering to get the word out that the Republican Party has an excellent candidate to further our conservative agenda in Frankfort.

We will be sending more information about events and volunteer opportunities in the near future.

Tom Tye

Chair Republican Party of Boyle County