Gov. Matt Bevin Coming to Danville To Support 54th District Special Election Candidate Daniel Elliot


Governor Matt Bevin with Boyle County Republican Chair, Tom Tye

On Monday, February 8th, Governor Matt Bevin will be coming to Danville, KY to lend his support to our 54th District Republican Candidate for State Representative, Daniel Elliott. The Governor will be attending a fundraiser for Elliott in the evening.

While in town, the Governor is tentatively scheduled to visit local sites including Dana Corporation and the Bluegrass Community & Technical College (BCTC) and to meet with local officials.

The Boyle County Republican Party is honored by the support of the Governor during this important special election and looks forward to his visit.

Elliott is running for the 54th District Kentucky House of Representatives seat vacated by Mike Harmon, when he became our Republican State Auditor. The event, to be held at the home of Tim Montgomery from 6-7:30 p.m., is open to the public. Tickets to this fundraiser may be purchased by calling Marissa at 270-321-2882 or emailing her at

A Total of Eleven Candidates File for Kentucky Caucus

Republican Candidates in Kentucky Republican CaucusYesterday was the deadline for Republican Candidates for President to File for participation in the Kentucky Republican Caucus. Eleven individuals have filed for the March 5th, 2016 Kentucky Republican Caucus.

The eleven who have filed are: Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum and Donald Trump. Learn where your county will be voting in the March 5th caucus by visiting this interactive Kentucky Republican Caucus voting locations map.

In a press release (click link to download) this morning, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Kentucky,  Mac Brown, said, “Kentucky Republicans have an unprecedented opportunity to influence the selection of our presidential nominee.  The early March 5 caucus date will give Kentuckians a voice before most other states, during a time when Republican candidates are actively competing for support from voters.  We are excited that 11 candidates will participate and we welcome their attention.”

Best wishes to all our fine Republican Candidates.

We Have Our Candidate!

Daniel Elliott, Vice Chair Boyle County Republican Party

Daniel Elliott, Republican Candidate for 54th District House Seat

The Boyle and Casey County Republican Executive Committees met this evening at the Junction City Community Center to elect a candidate for the seat vacated by Mike Harmon.

Mike Biagi, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Kentucky conducted the meeting and counted the votes cast by voting members of the Committees.

The following candidates were nominated:  Daniel Elliott, Tom Ellis, Steve Evans and James Monroe.

Each nominated candidate was given 3 minutes to speak to the group and 5 minutes for a question and answer session.  After that process votes were cast.

Votes were counted by Mike Biagi and each candidate was given the opportunity to have an observer be present for the counting process.

Only one round of votes was necessary to select Daniel Elliott as our candidate.

Please join us to support Daniel during this Special Election process to help our party maintain this very important House seat.  We are all going to have to work together by volunteering to get the word out that the Republican Party has an excellent candidate to further our conservative agenda in Frankfort.

We will be sending more information about events and volunteer opportunities in the near future.

Tom Tye

Chair Republican Party of Boyle County

Republicans Ramp Up in District 54

Boyle County Kentucky Republican PartyAn article on, released yesterday, included an interview with our own Party Chair, Tom Tye. The article listed the current Republican candidates for Mike Harmon’s seat as State Representative for District 54: Daniel Elliot, Steve Evans, Tom Ellis, and James Monroe. The seat is open following Harmon’s winning campaign for State Auditor this fall.

It also stated that the party on the left side of the aisle has still not managed to come up with a single candidate to run for the seat.

Read the entire article here:

Inauguration Day Festivities!

During the course of the day, we will be adding photos from the event. Check back to see more!

Inauguration Invitation

Inauguration Invitation

Inauguration Day Photos

Lynn and Tom Tye with Susan and Bernie Hunstad

Lynn and Mike Harmon

Lynn and Rep. Mike Harmon

Brandon Tagarook of Danville with Lynn Tye

Dakota Meyer with Lynn Tye


202 Band in Frankfort

202 Band in Frankfort

Brandon Tagarook and Tom Tye

Dakota Meyer (Medal of Honor Recipient from Columbia, KY) and Tom Tye

Swearing in Ceremony Schedule

Swearing in Ceremony Schedule

Grand Marshall, SGT Dakota Meyer

Grand Marshall, SGT Dakota Meyer

Christmas Party!

We want to thank all of the (over 80!) people who came out to our Boyle County Republican Christmas Party last night. It’s wonderful to see our ranks swelling — not only in participants at this event, but the huge number of people who are moving from that “other” party to our own Boyle County GOP!

Christmas Party in Danville KY Boyle County Republicans GOP Christmas Party in Boyle County Boyle County Republicans


If you haven’t made the move yet — and you want to vote in the upcoming 2016 Caucus — the time is NOW. Contact us to get your registration changed before the deadline of December 31st.

Another Republican in the Kentucky House!

Republican Denver Butler - Kentucky House of Representatives, District 38 Louisville KentuckyRepublican Party of Kentucky Chairman Mac Brown made the following statement regarding State Representative Denny Butler (District 38, Jefferson County) switching his registration to the Republican Party and filing to run for reelection as a Republican:

“I enthusiastically welcome Representative Denny Butler to the Republican Party.  He is a principled man with a strong commitment to his constituents, and he will be a great addition to the House Republican Caucus as we work to move Kentucky forward in 2016.”

…Just a few more to go in order to FLIP the Kentucky House!!! #flipthehouse

Tom Tye, Chair Republican Party of Boyle County

Want To Vote in the Kentucky Caucus?

Kentucky Caucus LogoWant to Vote in the Caucus?

If you plan to vote in the 2016 Kentucky Caucus, you will need to register Republican… ASAP. The end of next month is the deadline! So here’s the easy way to do it:

Download the Kentucky Voter Registration Card (pre-customized for those who wish to change parties in Boyle County by our own Tom Tye) and follow these instructions (also by Boyle County Republican Chair, Tom Tye):

Instructions for the Voter Registration Card

Download the registration form that I have completed for you.  It was filled in and printed from the State Board of Elections website. There are two additional things that you will need to add to the form:

  • Fill in your Social Security Number
  • Sign the card

You can fold and tape the form in order to mail it in (if you print it off double-sided). If not, you can place the form into a stamped envelope and mail that to the State Board of Elections:

State Board of Elections
140 Walnut Street
Frankfort, KY 40601-3236

If there are any errors on the card, or if you have any questions, give me a call (Tom Tye) at: 859-583-5142. You can also email me at: On behalf of the Boyle County Republican Party, let me thank you again for registering as a Republican.  We appreciate your support.

For more information about the Boyle County Republican Party, you can visit our social media platforms at: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

If you want to learn more about the 2016 Kentucky Caucus, visit

Mac Brown Elected Chairman of RPK

The Republican Party of Kentucky announced today that Mac Brown has been elected as Chairman of the Republican Party of Kentucky by its Executive Committee.

J. McCauley “Mac” Brown Means Business

J. McCauley “Mac” Brown is Vice President of Brown-Forman Corporation, with responsibilities that include a wide and varied range of business planning, family governance, and strategic topics, and he serves as a member of the Corporate Strategy Council and past member of the B-F / Brown Family Committee. He has also led and been involved in many philanthropic organizations in Kentucky.

“I am humbled by the vote of confidence from Republican leaders from around the state, and I accept this opportunity to lead the Republican Party of Kentucky. The party is unified and prepared to move our state forward. In 2016, we will do our part to elect a Republican president, support Senator Paul, and take our last bastion of liberalism—the Kentucky State House—and turn it red.”

Brown will bring a business perspective to the party to develop meaningful long-term strategies that continue to capitalize on Kentucky’s changing electorate and the emergence of a growing number of qualified Republican candidates for elected office.

A New Political Landscape in Kentucky

The political alignment in Kentucky has changed significantly since President Obama was first elected seven years ago. Since then, Republican voter registration has grown by over 200,000, nearly nine times as much as Democratic registration. Because of the determined efforts of the party, Republicans have turned this shift into success at the ballot box.

A Changing of the Republican Guard

Outgoing RPK Chairman Steve Robertson served as Chair for the past eight years, during which the party experienced consistent growth and success, capped by the recent election victories in which Republicans won five out of seven state constitutional offices, including the governor’s office.

Robertson remarked, “It has been a privilege to lead the party and watch it grow. Over the last eight years, the party has placed great emphasis on developing its infrastructure and organizational depth, which laid the foundation for the historic wins we saw on election night. I have complete confidence in Mac’s ability to expand on the gains that the Republican Party has steadily secured.” Continue reading