The 2016 Primary is Here for Kentucky!

Tomorrow, May 17th is the Republican Primary. Yes, we voted for President in the Kentucky Caucus, but now it’s time to vote for our State Representative, our State Senator, and our U.S. Senator.

Remember, there is no Democratic Opposition for the State Senator candidates – so one of the individuals running on the Republican Ballot WILL BE our next State Senator, representing Boyle, Lincoln and Pulaski Counties!

Please see the sample ballot below to determine your choice and get out the vote tomorrow!

May 17 Sample Ballot for 2016 Primary in Kentucky

We Have Our Candidate!

Daniel Elliott, Vice Chair Boyle County Republican Party

Daniel Elliott, Republican Candidate for 54th District House Seat

The Boyle and Casey County Republican Executive Committees met this evening at the Junction City Community Center to elect a candidate for the seat vacated by Mike Harmon.

Mike Biagi, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Kentucky conducted the meeting and counted the votes cast by voting members of the Committees.

The following candidates were nominated:  Daniel Elliott, Tom Ellis, Steve Evans and James Monroe.

Each nominated candidate was given 3 minutes to speak to the group and 5 minutes for a question and answer session.  After that process votes were cast.

Votes were counted by Mike Biagi and each candidate was given the opportunity to have an observer be present for the counting process.

Only one round of votes was necessary to select Daniel Elliott as our candidate.

Please join us to support Daniel during this Special Election process to help our party maintain this very important House seat.  We are all going to have to work together by volunteering to get the word out that the Republican Party has an excellent candidate to further our conservative agenda in Frankfort.

We will be sending more information about events and volunteer opportunities in the near future.

Tom Tye

Chair Republican Party of Boyle County

Republican Candidate Schedule November 2, 2015

Updated, November 3, 2015:

Thank you to all of our Republican Candidates for conducting clean, well-run campaigns in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Special congratulations to Republican winners: Bevin, Harmon, Quarles and Ball!

GOP - Republican Party of Kentucky - RPKToday the entire Republican ticket is flying around the state together to rally the party.

Matt Bevin – Governor
Whitney Westerfield – Attorney General
Stephen L. Knipper – Secretary of State
Mike Harmon – Auditor
Ryan Quarles – Commissioner of Agriculture
Allison Ball – Treasurer

If you all are able to get even 2-3 people a piece to these events to see our party stand together, we can help change the face of Kentucky.
Today’s schedule is as follows:

Wild Eggs
Time: 7:00-8:00 AM EST
153 S English Station Rd
Louisville, KY 40245

Lexington Bluegrass (LEX)
Time: 9:00-10:00AM EST
Tac Air
4308 Hangar Drive
Lexington, KY 40510

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International
Time: 12:30-1:00PM EST
Delta Jet Center
2042 Tower Drive
Hebron, KY 41048

Wendell H Ford Airport(CPF)
Time: 2:00-3:00PM EST
Friendship Flying Service
1300 Wendell Ford Terminal Road
Chavies, KY 41727

Bowling Green- Warren County Regional Airport (BWG)
Time: 3:30-4:30PM CST (4:30-5:30PM EST)
Co-Mar Aviation
1020 Woodhurst Street
Bowling Green, KY 42103

Barkley Regional Airport (PAH)
Time:5:30-6:30PM CST (6:30-7:30PM EST)
Midwest Aviation
200 Hardy Roberts Drive
West Paducah, KY 42086

Owensboro- Daviess County Airport (OWB)
Time: 7:30-8:30PM CST (8:30-9:30PM EST)
Mid America Jet
1 Bullfrog Blvd.
Owensboro, KY 42301

We are in a close election that can change the future of Kentucky, tomorrow, be sure to get to the polls (and take a few friends!). Vote for:

Matt Bevin – Governor
Whitney Westerfield – Attorney General
Stephen L. Knipper – Secretary of State
Mike Harmon – Auditor
Ryan Quarles – Commissioner of Agriculture
Allison Ball – Treasurer

CNBC Debate Moderators’ Behavior So Reprehensible RNC Steps In!

Republican National Committee Flexes Muscle in Letter to NBCAfter the painfully inept moderation of the third National Republican Debate in Boulder Colorado this week, the Republican National Convention showed a little muscle by telling NBC – the parent company of CNBC – that they have had enough.

For those conservatives watching this debate, the approach of the moderators was breathtaking… and not in the good way.

The plus side is that we got to see what a wonderful group of well-prepared, class acts we have running on the Republican side of the ticket. They were impressive.

The candidates did a fine job of standing up to those obnoxious moderators and their blatantly skewed questions, while respecting each other, and we are proud of them for doing so. However, it’s always nice to see our national organization step up and flex, too.

And yes, the candidate’s statement that the biggest Super-Pac the Democrats have is the mainstream media is spot-on!

From Reince Priebus, Chairman, Republican National Committee, in a letter sent to NBC News Chairman, Andrew Lack:

“…pending further discussion between the Republican National Committee (RNC) and our presidential campaigns, we are suspending the partnership with NBC News for the Republican primary debate at the University of Houston on February 26, 2016…The CNBC network is one of your media properties, and its handling of the debate was conducted in bad faith…

CNBC billed the debate as one that would focus on “the key issues that matter to all voters—job growth, taxes, technology, retirement and the health of our national economy.” That was not the case. Before the debate, the candidates were promised an opening question on economic or financial matters. That was not the case. Candidates were promised that speaking time would be carefully monitored to ensure fairness. That was not the case. Questions were inaccurate or downright offensive. The first question directed to one of our candidates asked if he was running a comic book version of a presidential campaign, hardly in the spirit of how the debate was billed.

While debates are meant to include tough questions and contrast candidates’ visions and policies for the future of America, CNBC’s moderators engaged in a series of “gotcha” questions, petty and mean-spirited in tone, and designed to embarrass our candidates…

I have tremendous respect for the First Amendment and freedom of the press. However, I also expect the media to host a substantive debate on consequential issues important to Americans. CNBC did not.

While we are suspending our partnership with NBC News and its properties, we still fully intend to have a debate on that day…”

Bravo RNC! Kudos.

Read the entire letter here.

Matt Bevin and Jenean Hampton’s Plan for Kentucky

If you want a bit more information on the Republican Gubernatorial Candidate’s plan for Kentucky before you go to the polls next week, we have a copy of it for you right here:

Bevin-Hampton Blueprint for Kentucky

Bevin-Hampton Blueprint for Kentucky!


We Need Volunteers (We Need YOU!)

Republican Volunteer Opportunities in Boyle County KentuckySince it’s football season, let’s think of the 2 minute drill. Why do teams practice the 2 minute drill? When scores are close and time is short, how a team performs in that final 2 minutes can decide the outcome of a game.

Well…. we are down to the last few days before a critical election in Kentucky. What we do in these last few days may very well decide the outcome on November 3rd. Every little detail and task may be very important.

We need help in getting our Republican ticket across the goal line!!!

Aprile Hunt is looking for a few good folks to help with tasks within Boyle County.  You can reach Aprile at 859-583-7268 or .

Thanks for all your support,
Tom Tye

Republicans Step Into the Spotlight in Boyle County!

Republicans in Boyle County KentuckyTen years ago, the democrats in Boyle County were a leading political force. Today, the Republican Party is growing at a tremendous rate, while support for the democrats continues to shrink. We can’t say we are unhappy with these facts.

Your Boyle County Republican Party is working hard to make sure your vote counts, to encourage and support excellent candidates, and to advocate for fiscally and socially responsible government locally, on the state level, and nationally. These goals are popular ones.

Many conservative democrats feel abandoned by the left-wing agenda locally and have switched their registration to Republican. Ten years ago, there were 6000 more democrats than Republicans in this county. Today — even with the 2000+ increase in the county’s population over the last ten years — the number of democrats has been cut by a third. So, we gained Republicans from those coming into the county and welcomed 33% of the former democrats into the GOP fold. Isn’t that nice? We think so!

If you would like to join us, if you feel that a conservative approach is better than what your current party offers, we want to encourage you to Register Republican in Boyle County. If you have any questions, you can call the Boyle County Republican Party Headquarters at 859-516-3073 or call the Boyle County Republican Chair, Tom Tye directly at 859-583-5142.

If you would like assistance filling out your new voter registration card, give us a call and we can send someone out to help. We look forward to seeing you around the county, at Republican events and at the polls!