A few years ago, Republicans were few and far between in Boyle County. That's not the case today. Our party has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, and has become a model for Republican leadership in other counties here in Kentucky. Join us as we swell our ranks and become the new majority in Boyle County, including Danville, Perryville, and Junction City!

Register Republican today and you can help us continue to grow right here at home.
  • 2021 - Boyle County Voters

    Republicans 10,360
    Democrats 10,956
  • 2020 - Boyle County Voters

    Republicans 9,821
    Democrats 11,229
  • 2018 - Boyle County Voters

    Republicans 9,049
    Democrats 11,455
  • 2017 - Boyle County Voters

    Republicans 8,622
    Democrats 11,549
  • 2010 - Boyle County Voters

    Republicans 6,216
    Democrats 11,682
  • 2000 - Boyle County Voters

    Republicans 4,379
    Democrats 11,479


Tom Tye


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Rebecca Hurst


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Allan Crain


Tim Montgomery


Brian Staed

Brian Staed

Youth Chair

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Want to Vote in the Republican Primary this year?

Anyone who wishes to vote in the Republican primary must be registered by May (see the Kentucky Election Calendar here).
Registration can be done online without visiting the courthouse:


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Boyle County Voter Registrations – July/August 2020

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