An Enchanting Evening: Dr. Ben Carson in Danville, KY

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February 11, 2015
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February 13, 2015
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An Enchanting Evening: Dr. Ben Carson in Danville, KY

Ben Carson Speech in Danville, Kentucky
Dr. Ben Carson speaking in Danville, KY

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson was as genuine, kind, respectful and considerate of those in attendance at the Boyle County Republican Party’s event as he appears to be on TV, in video clips on the Internet, in interviews and in his books. This gentle, intellectual giant met his fans before the event at a reception in the lobby of the Norton Center for the Arts. Yes, fans. I don’t know what else to call them. They thronged around him, eager to be near him, to talk to him, to shake his hand, and have a photo made with him. The excitement of having him here was thick in the air. Even as people pushed in offering him no hint of personal space, he remained polite and eager to speak with each and every one.

He’s brilliant, which you would expect from a brain surgeon, but he’s down-to-earth, which isn’t a “given”Ben Carson at the Boyle County Republican Party's VIP Reception in all such cases. Dr. Carson is a man with ideas on how to run the country, what we are doing wrong, what we are doing right, what we need to change, what we had right — and lost, and what we need to do to get it back. He’s an entertaining speaker, which makes the gravity of what he has to say more than palatable — he makes it enjoyable.

His passion for healthcare, for education, for fiscal responsibility, and for the power of these United States is evident in his words, his examples, his ideas and his stories. He is a soft-spoken powerhouse — an opinionated man who does not back down.

Carson said he is NOT “politically correct” and he doesn’t want to be. He states his own views with conviction and grace. He interwove his own experiences growing up with the history of our country and quips on the human condition to deliver his message and his dismay with the current direction of America — and what he thinks we need to do individually and collectively to change that direction.

Some of my favorite quotes from this evening’s speech:

  • “If two people agree about everything, one of them isn’t necessary — and I believe everybody is necessary. So we really ought to get involved in civil discussion, even if you don’t agree, you can still be respectful of each other … we have allowed people to manipulate us and make us think we are enemies… what we have to do as people of America is ignore those people who are trying to divide us. They are the ones who are the enemies, we are not each other’s enemies. This is called the United States of America, we need to embrace each other regardless of little differences here and there and not allow people to manipulate us.”
  • When talking about how frugal, independent and determined his mother was, who worked multiple jobs to stay off welfare, he quipped, “I do believe that if my mother was the secretary of the treasury, we would not be in debt” which stirred appreciative laughter and applause across Norton Center.
  • He expressed his concern that the populace isn’t as well-educated as they were in the early years of our country and that not enough people feel responsible for or are active in our own governance: “The founders of our nation said our system and
    Full house at the Norton Center for Ben Carson Speech

    A standing ovation for Dr. Ben Carson

    our freedoms are based upon a well-informed and educated populace. They said that if we ever become other than that, the nature of the country will change. Why? Because it would be so easy to manipulate the people. All it will take are dishonest politicians and biased media… and away you go! And that’s what we have now, and that’s why it is so vitally important that the rest of us to not only become responsible citizens, well informed voters but that we go out and get other people in our sphere of influence to do the same.”

  • He illustrated the magnitude of our national debt and then said, “We each have a responsibility. We need to know who our representatives are, how they voted — not how they said they voted — but how they voted. And if they voted to raise our debt and compromise the future of our children, we need to throw them out. And let’s get some fiscally responsible people to run.”
  • “Freedom is not free. You have to fight for it and you cannot be free unless you are brave.”

During the course of his speech, he encouraged the audience to embrace approaches to improving the workforce and improving the number of people gainfully employed. He offered his ideas on how to eliminate the IRS and create a fair tax system that will work for everyone. He explained how to create a health care system that will encourage efficiency in the medical industry and get more people the access to health care they need for less money.

Carson’s speech ended with a standing ovation from the audience. It appeared his message was a popular one — one that hit home with the individuals in attendance. I think everyone was humbled in his company, simply because he was both humble and forthright. This evening was amazing — one of the best evenings I have enjoyed in ages — hands down.

Thank you, Dr. Carson, for visiting us in Danville, Kentucky! And thank you to the hard-working members of the Boyle County Republican Party, to our donors, attendees, and supporters all of whom made it possible!

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