Not Getting Our Notices? Feeling Left Out?

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Not Getting Our Notices? Feeling Left Out?

GOP Mailing List

We have had a few people contact us that aren’t receiving our emails, or aren’t receiving them anymore. We want to help.

What To Do If You Aren’t On The GOP List

First, if you (or someone you know) is a Republican and isn’t getting emails about upcoming events, activities and news from the Boyle County Republican Party — and you (or they) want to stay in the loop — just let us know. Fill out our contact form and just give us your information and ask to be added to our email list. We will add you. It’s that simple. Done!

What About Snail Mail?

We wish we had the manpower and the cash to send out snail mail for every event. However, in an effort to be cost effective and fiscally efficient (that’s what conservatives are all about, right?), we seldom mail items. We email to people on our list, we share information on social media (like us on Facebook!) and we encourage our members to share information with other members so they, too, can get our emails.

You can help us by reaching out to your conservative friends and asking them to contact us so they can get our information too!

I Just Quit Getting Emails! Are You Mad At Me?

We didn’t remove you unless you clicked on the bottom of our emails and ASKED to be removed. We promise. We like you and want to share information with you. You make us a better party and the more you know, the more involved you are, the stronger we all become!

If you WERE on the list and now it seems that you aren’t anymore, there is a “most likely” scenario: You accidentally filtered or marked our emails as spam in your email handler. 

How Do I Fix It?

If You Are Using Outlook

For Outlook, you can check your spam filter and do a search for “” every email we send out has this link on it. If you find it in the spam-folder you need to “white list” us to undo the accidental marking.

If You Are Using Google (Gmail)

If you are a Gmail or Google Apps user, you can go to “All Mail” and do a search for “” if you don’t find it there, check the trash and the spam folder on either program by doing the same search.

The Technical Stuff: If You Need More Help

  • In Google, you can just “right click” on our email in your spam folder and click on “not spam” to remove all those emails from the spam folder! Simple.
  • For Outlook, follow these instructions for Unmarking Spam Emails in Outlook.

We hope this helps! We want everyone who has requested to be on our list to actually see our emails and be informed about all that your local Republican Party is doing.  

Please share this information with any Republican you know who would like to be included!

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