Republican Primary in Boyle

Hannah Green, Youth Chair of the Boyle County Republican Party
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January 27, 2018
Boyle County Republican Primary
Why This Primary Matters
April 3, 2018
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Republican Primary in Boyle

Republican Primary in Boyle County KY

We have had a large number of candidates file to run for office in Boyle County. How Wonderful!

A Republican Primary In Boyle County

The Primary will be held on May 22nd for you to determine which of the candidates are the best fit for the positions in local government. After the primary, the winners will go on to compete for the office in the General Election in November — on the 6th.

Meet Our Republican Candidates

To learn more about these candidates, we have constructed a Republican Candidates Page for you to use to review the photos, bios and information provided by candidates.

Please take this opportunity to get to know the Republican Candidates in Boyle County well in advance of the Republican Primary, so you can make the best choice from among these excellent individuals to continue into the General Election.

Support Your Republican Candidates

Be sure to support your favorite candidates with financial donations, donations of your time and talents, and show your support by talking with your neighbors, family and friends about why your candidate is the best choice.

If you have the ability, please support, us — Your Boyle County Republican Party — so we can do more to support our candidates as they go into the General Election. Donate Today.

Support your candidates and get out and vote in the Primary. We are growing stronger and, with your help and participation, that growth will continue!

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