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Diversity in the GOP

Unlike the Republican party, we encourage diversity, we believe in diversity. That's what America is about. - Bernie Sanders

The radical left continuously accuses Republicans of being racist and lacking in diversity. Don’t let them bring us down. It is disappointing to have to even defend against such accusations. However, the continuous misleading onslaught by the farthest-left rhetoric is becoming ridiculous. Conservatives in the Republican Party embrace diversity but have refrained from flaunting it. Much like one Democratic candidate claimed that liberals are religious, but they keep it to themselves (Buttigieg).

In 2012 CNN’s, John Avlon reported that “Republicans are by far the more diverse party when it comes to statewide elected officials such as senators and governors. On this front, they leave Democrats in the dust.”  The Washington Post points out that the 2016 Republican presidential primaries showed diversity with candidates such as Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina.

Starting with our great Commonwealth:

2019 Kentucky Republican Candidates

Allison Ball

Incumbent State Treasurer

Allison Ball is the first Kentucky constitutional officer to give birth while in office. The Kentucky Federation of Republican Women describe Ms. Ball in 2017 as "one of the youngest female statewide elected official in the country." She has promoted and supported STABLE Kentucky, a program that enables disabled American's to find and keep gainful employment.

Ralph Alvarado

Candidate for 2019 Lieutenant Governor

Ralph Alvarado is the first Hispanic person elected to the Kentucky General Assembly after he won a seat in the state Senate in 2014. Alvarado was raised in California, but his father is from Costa Rica and his mother is from Argentina.

Daniel Cameron

Candidate for 2019 Kentucky Attorney General

Daniel Cameron could be the first African-American attorney general in the Commonwealth’s history if he were to be elected and the second African-American elected to statewide office, following Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton's historic win in 2015.
Existing Republican political figures in Kentucky
1. Lieutenant Governor, Jenean Hampton is the first African-American to hold statewide office in Kentucky history and the third black woman to serve as lieutenant governor of a U.S. state.
2. State Senator, Julie Raque Adams began her political career in 2002 by winning the District 18 Seat on the Louisville Metro Council, she then became a member of the Kentucky General Assembly before running for State Representative of the 36th district.
3. 10 Women state representatives.

In the National Arena, the GOP supports participants from all walks of life, but don’t have the minority participation to satisfy more liberal minds. This does not suggest racism; alternatively, it could suggest most Republican minorities are not interested in public office. Republican candidates are also not known to offer false or exaggerated claims of minority heritage (ahem, Warren). Some of the more obvious minorities in national politics are listed below. Others might be omitted because their genealogy and physical handicaps weren’t studied for this posting. And, as we are constantly reminded by the politically correct, judging or withholding judgment based on a surname or looks is considered profiling.

Republican officials at the national level:
1. Senator Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee
2. Senator Ted Cruz, Texas
3. Senator Deb Fischer, Nebraska
4. 13 Republican Congresswomen
5. 1 Republican Hispanic Congressman
6. 3 Republican Governor women

Lists of African-American, Latino, and Asian Republicans can be found at the hyperlinks provided.

Valarie Coomer is a first generation Asian-American AND an umpteenth generation Anglo-American, who has identified as conservative leaning independent all her life.  Any opinions expressed in this posting is based on her personal experiences and upbringing.

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