Boyle County Voter Registrations – July/August 2020

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May 20, 2020
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Boyle County Voter Registrations – July/August 2020

Democratic Party in Boyle County now under 49% of registered voters!!!!
We have seen another HUGE jump in  July – August registrations and re-registrations for voters in Boyle County with Republicans jumping by 69 voters while Dems are down 47. 

County totals as of this date:
     Democrats    11,229   (-47 for month)             (48.99%)
     Republicans 9,821    (+69 for month)            (42.85%)
     Other              1,871                                                  (8.16%)

Our local Voter Registration Team continues with an outstanding job!!!. Not too bad for the courthouse, the state, and most of our economy being shut down for much of this time period!!!

Remember to tell your friends and family that you can register/change registrations online at:

The deadline to register to vote in Kentucky is Monday, October 5, 2020.


Tom Tye
Chair, Boyle County Republican Party

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