Open House Night with Secretary of State Michael Adams

Boyle County Voter Registrations – July/August 2020
August 18, 2020
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Open House Night with Secretary of State Michael Adams

It was great to have KY Secretary Of State Michael Adams and Auditor Mike Harmon stop by at our Open house event last July at the Boyle County GOP Campaign Annex.  Secretary Adams provided an update on the incredible things they are doing in Frankfort. We are fortunate to have them in office and can’t thank them enough for all their hard work.  The highlights of Mr. Adams’s message included a summary of his accomplishments from ensuring the Secretary of State will always have final decisions concerning election policies under emergency conditions, such as Covid-19 to keeping his campaign promise of cleaning the voter rolls and maintaining secure elections.

Secretary Adams assured the audience, that while we saw an unprecedented volume of mail-in ballots due to the COVID pandemic, this would not be the new normal.  Instead, he sees the continued value in promoting a return to in-person voting and reminded us that mail-in and in-person early voting has always been allowed for voters under special needs.  You can read his message on this past primary election and what to expect in November here.

In his effort to keep his promise to clean up the voter rolls, Secretary Adams reported that he has purged the rolls of deceased voters, felons, and voters who moved out of the state partly resulting in the decrease of voter registrations leading up to the primaries.  His office has established real-time data sharing with the office of vital statistics to proactively remove deceased voters from the rolls.  But he is just beginning.

Since meeting with us in July, Mr. Adams has testified to Congress on the successes surrounding Kentucky’s primary election and the challenges to come.

Keep up with Secretary of State Michael Adams through his News & Press Releases.

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