GOP Committees

The following committees help our local Republican Party coordinate events, man those events, and communicate what's happening in and around Boyle County. If you are interested in becoming involved in the Boyle County Republican Party as a committee member, or in any other capacity, please Become A Volunteer!


The Finance Committee is in charge of fundraising activities to support the Boyle County Republican Party and to maintain the annual expenditures budget.
Tim Montgomery


The Events Committee plans and coordinates multiple opportunities and special events for all Boyle County residents to learn, be involved in, and to enjoy. These may include coordination with local, state, and national Republican Candidates to visit our area, to speak, and to get to know the members of our community.
Stephanie Griffin


The Registrations Committee is tasked with increasing voter registrations for the Republican Party. The committee meets monthly to come up with new and innovative ways to promote the Boyle County Republican Party in hopes to drive registrations. 
Kay Berggren


The Communications Committee provides public relations, website maintenance, marketing and information distribution activities to keep the citizens of our community informed about the activities of the Boyle County Republican party - including its upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and other significant political events.
Brian Staed


The Volunteer Committee is the conduit to encourage and assist those members of our community who wish to be involved in the activities of the Boyle County Republican Party. This includes volunteer recruitment, maintaining a strong volunteer force, and volunteer appreciation activities.